Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Family Pictures Taken, Finally

Last month a really good friend of mine and our family were finally able to get together and have our family picture updated. Our last picture was taken when Whitney was 18 months old. So we were due! Here is the product of all our efforts. I really like the new pictures, I think we all clean up pretty well! Thanks Chrissy for taking our picture, you do great work and hopefully we can do this again!

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fun with our Family: October 2011

In October we were so blessed to have family come and visit us. Since Des Moines is sort'a in the middle Bill and Amanda just had to come "up" and Charlie and Evelyn and Mom just came "over". We tried to have a plan and fill our time with loads of activities, and I think it worked. The cousins played so great! It was a lot of fun to see them get together and find out what kind of plays we would see this time around. And I must say the kids did not disappoint! It was just so much fun to sit back and watch them do what kids can do best. And that is use their wonderful imaginations! We got to see them play on the trampoline, and Uncle Charlie even got in on that action!!!

The weather was perfect which made going outside so much fun! Hi Joe!!!

Of course without a fence in our backyard we all kind'a had to be on our toes to kids little ones in the yard! Thanks Grandma for all you do, it was so much fun to have you come!

Our neighbor even let us borrow some bikes so everyone could have a ride! Thanks!

Remember I was talking about their creative imaginations??? Check out these bloody noses, done of course with lip gloss! All part of the play!

They loved the sleeping arrangements!!! Perfect for a movie and then just go to bed!

It was a non stop party for two days!!!

Here the whole troup got to go to the soccer game! Once again such great weather for kite flying and soccer ball playing!

Olivia even got to play with her all star cousin Kelsey! What a neat experience to play together!

Whitney was also chosen MVP for her team!

Then we got to celebrate Pappa Ross' birthday by sending him our love on balloons! A great family tradition!

It was a very windy day! But all our love got sent on it's way (I should have been a poet or a Hallmark card writer...)

I kind'a thought I should edit Whitney out of this picture, but when you gotta go....

Happy Birthday Pappa!!!

This was everyone after our super busy Sat. Sorry but I didn't have pictures of the pool party, but it was a lot of fun too!!!
This was the kiddos before the bigger kids got to go out to dinner. Grandma and Audrey managed the fort and said everyone pretty much tuckered out after the movie! Thanks Grandma and Audrey for letting us big kids go out to play, we had a great time at dinner!

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Some Arkansas Time

In May we were fortunate enough to visit some family in the great State of Arkansas. Bill and Amanda were so nice to let us Iowa Ross' invade their space and enjoy their lovely home. We had such a wonderful time and the kids enjoyed seeing each as well. Aunt Amanda had the great idea as to provide crafts for the girls. So they came away with, as Whitney calls it, decorated flip flops.

The weather was nice, but as you can tell, these girlies look a little pooped...

Sleeping arrangements were cozy, but these cousins couldn't have been happier!

Makeovers and hair were important processes that needed done daily...

We took a hike on Sunday and enjoyed the great outdoors and even saw some wild life...

Camping was even in the cards, except Allie and Amanda still enjoyed their indoor creature comforts

Thanks so much Amanda, Bill, Kelsey, Riley, and Brendley, we really enjoyed our trip and hope to see you all again in the near future!
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Fun time with our cousins

We were so lucky to have Joe and Samantha come and visit us for a few days. It has become our summer tradition. We tried to pack in as much fun as we could in the few days they were here. Water park, state captitol, water balloons, and doughnuts. (Can't forget bowling and snow cones) It is always a fun time to have them come and spend time with us! Thanks Joe and Sam (and Charlie and Evelyn)

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